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We are a recruitment company  dedicated to the people who are  searching work in the Netherlands and in Germany.

In our work we are guided by the principle of optimal match of individual potential employee to the specific work . Many years of experience allows us to understand the needs of our customers and meet their expectations.
Comprehensive knowledge of the offer gives you a guarantee of work in accordance with their preferences and abilities.

Our guiding rule is to engage, both in relationships with people who are offering and those who are searching work. We want to be creative and open for new methods of cooperation with you. We want to bring our years of experience led to your professional and financial success.




APN Henryk Olsok
ul. Kołłątaja 8/4-5, 45-064 Opole,
NIP: 991-008-99-29
REGON: 532215622

tel. 77-40 25 244,
fax.77-40 25 245,


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